• Louma E.

Artists: 3 reasons why your marketing material must be flawless.

I have received artists’ cards that were totally pixelated, others that were blurry (very hard to read text on), and others on which the ink was fading…

I think bad printing is very annoying; if you’re an artist, your cards must be printed perfectly! Here are 3 simple reasons why:

1. As an artist, you show samples of your work on your marketing cards, in order to sell it, or make clients want to see more of it. If the images are all blurry and not clear enough on the paper, your work will look cheap and lose a lot of potential.

2. Your job as an artist consists (mostly) of creating artwork and providing the customer with ready to print files. If you cannot print your own product right, you may not be trusted to provide the buyer with quality images for their product, if they haven’t previously worked with you.

3. Nicely printed cards look professional and pretty. You will feel good about handing them out to potential buyers instead of trying to explain why they look bad.

I think poorly printed marketing material looks unprofessional in any industry, but for a designer whose skills usually include computer/printing knowledge, the quality standard is a lot higher.

So rise your DPIs, make sure you choose the right kind of paper, and spend these extra bucks to make a printing test before ending up with a thousand pixelated flyers that you cannot return.☮

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