Help donate a precious keepsake
to parents who have lost a child

Pokidots! Angel keepsake - Callie
Pokidots! Angel keepsake - Max

After working on the very first angel child keepsake, Callie's, I felt a strong determination to donate more of these to honor angel children. I cannot imagine a pain greater than that of losing a child, and I wanted to give grieving parents a subtle way to honor their child through a personal work of art that would comfort them in their healing. A keepsake like this is not for everyone, but if it helps in the parents' healing journey, then count me in.

"This is what she imagines Callie looking like when she is older. It's absolutely beautiful and such a treasure to have. It feels a little like making beauty from ashes [...]"

"It's the perfect way to remember our sweet Max. I picture that balloon and blanket on its way to heaven. Thank you so much for donating your time and talents to us."

Here is how you can contribute:


By ordering one or more keepsakes for your healthy children, you preserve their wonderful memories while honoring a shorter life. This will help me donate angel child keepsakes (1 donated for every 8 made).



By donating any amount to the angel child project, you help me create a keepsake to donate each time I have the price of one keepsake from your collective donations.

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someone who goes out of their way 

to make life better for others.”