Here is what you might have missed during your time off Pokidots!

New shop layout


The shop has been organized into categories to make your experience more clear, and to make room for new products joining soon! New keepsake styles have been added to the custom keepsakes, and an Asian-inspired girl has been added to the fashion keepsake illustration choices! Check out the shop. I think you will like it :)


Pokidots! program


Release the clutter and keep the memories -- A guide to gracefully part

with outgrown baby clothes and free your space and your mind.

Amazingly helpful, comprehensive, and free.


A chance to help parents who have lost a child in their healing journey


Pokidots! donates keepsakes to honor children who have left us too soon, and comfort their grieving parents.

You can contribute to this mission in two ways.


Intentional parenting printables


A collection of parenting statements that define my parenting values, now available for you to save and/or print, if they speak to you and your parenting style as well.


Favorite children's books


I have been asked so often about the children's books I regularly post about on my Instagram stories, so I made a page where I list them all! True favorites in our home!

New keepsakes and stories

As always, follow Pokidots! on Instagram and visit the blog to see the new keepsakes being made. Read the wonderful stories behind all the precious keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come and get inspired to tell your own journey in these priceless works of art.

Have I mentioned that I have made over 100 keepsakes now? :)

Again, thanks for renewing your friendship with Pokidots! and don't forget, I am only one email away if you have any questions or requests.

❤ Louma.